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Just because you don’t need a Marketing Manager, doesn’t mean you don’t need Marketing

Many small businesses are in a position of not being able to have a full-time Marketing Manager or Director of Marketing on their payroll because let’s face it, they can’t afford the $50k – $100k it’s going to take to get a decent one on board. So what do they do? They have their well-meaning assistant play with Word or PowerPoint to create an ad for the local newspaper that they have been told will be “the best $300 they’ve ever spent” by the newspaper Account Manager of the week.

A week later the phone still has cobwebs on it and the front door is rusted shut from lack of use. Why? Because the ad was filled with clipart, ill-conceived messaging, no branding and a confusing call to action. And the ad for your “off-the-hook” dance club ran adjacent to the announcement of Mrs. Jensen’s passing in the obituaries.

Now you’ve just wasted $300 and more importantly, you’ve got a sour taste in your mouth because you now think that advertising doesn’t work.

In reality if you’d had a true marketing professional involved you would have had a compelling professional ad designed and you would have paid a lower rate for that ad with much better positioning. Your club would be packed, booze flowing, profits soaring, music pumping and you’d be sitting at your computer finalizing your plans for that Tahitian vacation you’ve always wanted.

OK, maybe it’s not quite that easy. But my example does illustrate the difference having a marketing professional as part of your business can make. Plus, you don’t need to bring them on your payroll. Outsource it and pay for it as you need it.

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