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Taming of a Tiger

Recently I commented on a LinkedIn discussion regarding Tiger Woods and a morality clause that may or may not be in his contracts with his sponsors.  Essentially I said that Tiger’s not the first (and certainly won’t be the last) celebrity endorser to taint their reputation with some elicit behavior.  My guess was that sponsors won’t start pulling out until it hurts them where it hurts the most…the checkbook.

Of course this was when there were only two other women.  Now there are 9 or 10 women coming out of the woodwork with some pretty unsavory allegations.  Plus, Gatorade has made it public that they supposedly pulled a Tiger Focus drink a couple months ago.  Hmmm, seems the old checkbook took a left jab.

Oh Tiger, if only you could put some of that legendary ability to focus on your next shot on your ability to keep the driver in your pants and away from pancake house fairways.

But what can marketers learn from this?  How about letting your product speak for itself without the need for someone else to say how great it is?  How about going back to the tried and true method of crafting and communicating a compelling message in new and innovative ways?  Nah…just get somebody famous to hold your product and it will sell!

You know what is the scary part of this whole episode?  While there are teams of people trying to figure out how to get out of their deals with Tiger, there are also teams of people who are trying to figure out how long they have to wait to jump right back on the bandwagon.

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