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5 Ways to Maximize Your Use of Promotional Items

Anyone who has been in business for any length of time can probably open up their kids’ toy boxes and find remnants of ineffective promotional item campaigns littered in amongst various army guy body parts or broken game pieces.  I don’t know how many times I’ve been walking through a tradeshow and heard the phrase “my kids will love it”.

The problem is you’re not selling to the kids.  The kids aren’t the ones you want to have top of mind awareness of your company.  So what good is that pen with the fuzzy cap going to do your business?

Here are five ideas for you to keep in mind when adding a promotional item to a marketing campaign:

  • Make It Memorable – The last thing you want to do is spend money on a promotional product that will be forgotten, or never even picked up.  You want your promotional product to get the people talking about you and your company.
  • Make It Unique – Go to any tradeshow and you can walk out with your fill of random pens, mousepads or stress balls.  Now there’s nothing wrong with those things, but of the 1000’s of variations of any one of those items look for the ones that will make people do a double take.  For example, instead of a stress ball how about looking at the variation that includes an elastic cord attached to the stress ball so now it’s a yo-yo stress ball.
  • Make It Part Of A Campaign – If you would like a superhero-like bobblehead to give away then build a campaign around the concept.  Create email blasts with the superhero theme.  Redesign your tradeshow booth with the superhero concept.  Change the voicemail system to sound like a superhero.  By reinforcing the concept across multiple communication channels you will strengthen your core message in your customer’s head.
  • Make It Relavent To Your Business – Would it make any sense for a CPA firm to give away a stuffed monkey? Well, not without a compelling message telling people why a monkey accurately represents a CPA firm.  How about a calculator?  Now that’s getting much closer to what you do and you probably don’t need a lot of explaining about why you’re giving out a calculator.
  • Give Them A Reason To Put It On Their Desk – What’s one goal for using promotional items? Help reinforce top of mind awareness of your company so they call you first when they need your product or service!  What better way to do that then have it on their desk everyday?  But be careful, a desk is someone’s personal space that is guarded very carefully.  They’re not going to put just any letter opener out there!

There you have it.  Five ways to maximize your use of promotional items.  If you have a promotional items campaign you need help with visit domarketinggroup.com!

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  1. January 4, 2010 at 3:03 pm

    Promo items have worked great for us in the past. Also, to attract more customers make sure your promotional trade show booth/vehicle is attractive, fun and informative.

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