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Don’t Go Into The Marketing Dead Zone

Unless you are a retailer who’s counting on the Christmas season to mean the difference between eating filet mignon or ramen noodles you should avoid what I like to refer to as the Marketing Dead Zone.  It’s that period of time between Thanksgiving and New Year’s where consumers are bombarded with marketing messages trying to convice them that there’s still room on the credit card for some battery operated pet or “must have” sweater.

For B2B businesses it’s no different.  In addition to all of the retail messages your clients are hearing day in and day out, they’re also deep in the heart of the end-of-year brain checkout period where grey matter turns to grey mush.  Decisions are almost all pushed off until “after the holidays”.

So that means all marketers get to take the month off, right?  WRONG!

Now is the time for marketers to do several very important tasks:

  • Evaluate – Take a look at all of the campaigns and marketing tasks you did this year and figure out which ones worked and which ones didn’t work.  If you’re worth your salt as a marketer you would have done this as the campaigns were happening; but take the time now to step back a little and analyze the success or failure within the context of the totality of your efforts this year.
  • Appreciate – Thank everyone who helped you get your job done this year.  Vendors, peers, customers, the cleaning lady, the IT guy, whoever was part of your success this year.
  • Manage Up – What a great time to remind your boss of all the accomplishments you had this year.  Don’t skip over some of the challenges you had; address them and tell your boss what your plan is to fix them.
  • Use Your Critical Eye – Think back on all of the interactions you had with your vendor partners this year. Are you comfortable with your relationship with them? Is it a mutually beneficial relationship? Is it time to re-evauate the relationship and make sure there isn’t someone else out there who can do what they do better or more cost effectively.  While the grass may not always be greener, it never hurts to check it out just to make sure!
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  1. December 21, 2009 at 11:17 pm

    Kris, great topic and loads of good ideas.

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